About Us

From its humble beginnings in rural Queensland in the early 1980s, Traders Voice has grown into a strong and vibrant association of stall holders and organisers.

Our History

  • 1980


    In The Beginning

    From the ground up, Eugene Pukallus created the Queensland United Free Traders Association Inc (QUFTA) to assist fellow stall holders. Traders Voice, as it’s known today, gave market stall holders a mouthpiece for their concerns.

  • 1990

    A Growing Force

    Markets sprouted throughout Australia, giving shoppers a fun, friendlier way to buy their goods from local families. But soon other businesses cried out, insisting on rules and regulations for traders. Under Eugene Pukallus’ guidance, market vendors got together and bonded against local councils and businesses who wanted to shut down their markets.



  • 2000


    Coming Of Age

    As markets, fetes, exhibits, festivals, fairs, rodeos and other related events grew in popularity, so did the needs of the stall holders and their organisers. They needed fast, easy access to insurance products and other essential business services. Before long, Policy Holders were given these services at competitive prices. And so, today, their businesses continue to thrive.

Our Policy

Made up of small businesses but as employers our contribution to the growth of our local communities, and our country, is large.

And who started this all?

None other than a local Toowoomba stall holder himself,
Eugene Pukallus.