Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ’s about your policy

As part of our transition, each stallholder now receives a direct and individual insurance transaction from us, so we have ensured this meets our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) requirements.

Upon receipt of payment, we will issue and provide your Certificate of Insurance via email within two business days. If you require a Certificate of Insurance immediately please call our office.

At 4pm on the expiry date of the cover period on your invoice.

We are now able to offer support and advice on many other insurance needs including, home, motor, business. Please call us to discuss further.

The Traders Voice Public Liability policy protects you from legal and medical costs that arise from personal injury and/or property damage to third parties occurring within Australia in connection with your business as a market stallholder or organiser.

There is a small $50 excess following a claim.

Austbrokers have always arranged the policy for Traders Voice. This year we have moved to provide cover to you directly to better service individual stallholder needs, and provide advice on any broader insurance requirements.

If you’re a stallholder in most cases, yes, but it’s not required as frequently by organisers. Adding products liability cover ensures you have cover for your legal liability for personal injury and property damage as described and caused by any goods, products and property (after they have ceased to be in your possession or under your control), which are deemed to have been manufactured, grown, extracted, produced, processed, constructed, assembled, erected, installed, repaired, serviced, treated, sold supplied or distributed by you including any container thereof. (Generally this does not apply to organisers unless they too are a stall holder as well.)

No. Product liability cover is not automatic. Product liability cover is not usually required for organisers, unless they also distribute products and services. If you are not yet a Traders Voice stall holder, make sure you include product liability on your Application Form. If you are already with us and would like to add the cover, you can request product liability cover by calling our office or emailing us at We’ll let you know as quickly as possible whether you can apply for it and the additional premium involved.

No. The Traders Voice liability insurance policy automatically includes your organiser or principal through our Unnamed Principals Extension. This is highlighted on your certificate of insurance, however, if your organiser specifically requires it we can also arrange for them to be named. To our organiser members, this is an important point – and a big time saver for your business.

No. There is no limitation on the number of days you trade.

No. We agree it might seem that way. The fact is both sections of the industry face common issues. Stall holders and organisers need to work hand-in-hand for both to benefit, and grow their businesses.